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Is casino American Express the best option? Speaking about banking, and more importantly about cards, one of the main elements you think about is brands. Most likely, you will think about at least 2 or 3 brands, and without being clairvoyant, one of these brands is American Express. This brand undoubtedly would be sitting on one of these three top spots. Unlike the rest of the options, American Express`s uniqueness relies on being a bank and card issuer. And we are not speaking just because you can get both services from one company, but because of how good the market is around this brand. American Express covers at least 12.2 million businesses only in the US, while the majority of the famous brands cover 12.4.

There is no reason to wonder why American Express is so important and used, especially if you think about its benefits. Also, using it to move or receive money is easy. For these reasons, players worldwide are using AmEx casinos more often. So, an online casino accepts American Express? Let`s check the content below to find out. 

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History of American Express

Cards are a common need in daily life. Contenders and strong brands always fight to be the customer`s best choice. AmEx is one of the best when speaking about rewards to its clients, not only in the AmEx casinos but overall while shopping, but it wasn`t like this before. In the `50s, in the 19th Century, AmEx was only an express mail business. Founded as a joint stock and two other companies, they quickly took over a monopoly of express shipments. In 1857 AmEx started to provide financial services, which was only a money order business.

These letters of credit weren`t efficient, and a traveler`s cheque was launched in 1891. This is the precursor of the current Credit Card. But this wasn`t fun because, in 1917, the US decided to unify all the Express companies for the greater good. After losing the rights to the rails, the company focused on Banking. 

Online Casinos That Accept American Express in Canada

A vast and complex relationship between many companies and individuals is necessary to make an Online Casino work. One of these companies is a financial company. These companies seek to provide both casinos and players with a fast and high-quality way to pay and get paid. This is one of the reasons why it`s easy to find different options when choosing a payment method.

Finding a perfect payment method is complicated, but online casinos that take American Express are not that far away. Thanks to the excellent service and features, casino  American Express is one of the safest and more reliable gambling services. Finding a casino that accepts and uses this payment method (American Express Casinos) is not that complicated. The truth behind this is the advantages the online casino that takes American Express gets from this. As stated before, AmEx is one of the most used financial services in the US and worldwide. It means quality, which is excellent marketing for casino American Express. In short, an AmEx casino is synonymous with quality, professionalism, and risk-free overall.

Сasino American Express Bonuses

Perhaps, one of the most exciting features of a casino American Express, is the bonuses. Bonuses can be found in any AmEx casino and differ depending on many factors. One of these factors, of course, is a payment method. In an online casino that takes American Express, the most common bonuses are:

  • Free Spins
  • American Express online casino welcome bonus
  • AmEx casino Special/Event bonus
  • Matched deposit (often just for casino American Express) 
  • Referral bonus

Of course, every AmEx casino will offer you a different bonus, hence the importance of finding a casino you like. But, remember always to check the details and conditions of every bonus. Similar American Express casinos can have different requirements.

Play American Express Online Casinos for Real Money

American Express has proven to be a good option when using an online casino. Hence, an online casino that takes American Express has excellent support and features, making it a solid choice. Unfortunately, the brand won`t do all the job for you. Even though alliances and relationships between American Express and online casinos are good, this is not enough.

If you plan to use your money to play in an online casino accepts American Express,  you must: 

  • First, find a good American Express online casino, usually, they are top tier. 
  • Then, only to be sure, check if the online casino has a license and the security software is good. As stated before, Amex has an excellent security system, and it is almost impossible to steal data from them. The problem is the communication between the casino American Express and the card.

In other words, it`s not about having a suitable payment method but also an excellent online casino. For this reason, players who like to play with real money choose online casinos that take American Express and not just the best AmEx casinos. The process might sound a bit tedious, but it is not. Let`s check an analogy. Instead, think about a restaurant; when you choose one, do you prefer it because of how quickly you can eat or the quality overall? Often, the restaurants with better food and better service are the ones that everyone chooses. Once you know the service and the food are decent, you will go back. The same happens with  American Express casinos, it might take you a while to search for the best for you, but once you find it, you are set.

How to Make Deposit Using American Express at Casinos in Canada?

If you don`t know how to use your card in an AmEx casino, you have to know it`s easier than expected. First and before everything, check the terms and conditions when making a deposit. The process is as easy as buying anything from the internet.

  • Once you are logged into the casino American Express, search the place to deposit (usually a bank or money symbol)
  • Open the banking/payment method section. This section in the AmEx casino must look like an online shop payment section.
  • Fill in the information about your card and other asked details, and select American Express. 
  • Wait until your card has been verified and proceed with typing the amount you want to deposit, and hit next. Remember, some  AmEx casinos have a minimum deposit amount.
  • Finally, you`ll receive a confirmation through your banking app and from the  American Express casino. This will confirm everything went well and you have your deposit waiting for you. In case of any problem, please refer to the customer support service in the  AmEx casino. They are always prepared and well-trained to help you with any situation.

How to Withdraw with American Express from Casinos in Canada?

There`s no significant difference between Withdraw and Deposit. The only remarkable difference is the time it takes to finish the process. In this case, the withdrawal takes a bit more time than the deposit. This is because of all the system protocols, confirmation, and transaction validations. First, be sure the card details are correct in the withdrawal section on the  American Express online casino page. Once the information has been confirmed and you have selected American Express as a payment method, write the amount you want to withdraw.

After the process, you`ll get a notification from American Express. This is very important because it will ensure the process has been successfully made, and you will have to wait. Otherwise, get in contact with American Express and find out the solution. Unfortunately, the withdrawal process is less effective than the deposit. But this is only a minor issue that will get fixed soon. It makes sense that a good bank and a good casino American Express can work out a solution to offer the best service to everyone.

Disadvantages and Advantages of American Express


  • AmEx Casinos can give you reward points;
  • Top-notch security in casino American Express;
  • In Canada, it is easy to find an online casino that takes American Express as a payment method;
  • Payment (deposit) methods are efficient, fast, and reliable in American Express casinos.


  • If an online casino accepts American Express, most likely, the fees will be high;
  • Sometimes the security of your information relies on the American Express online casino itself and not on the card;
  • Casino American Express online usually presents withdrawal inconsistencies.



Is American Express Payment Method Safe to Play at the Casino?

American Express is one of the most trusted payment methods available. The company has been around since 1850, so it's safe to say that they know what they're doing when it comes to providing secure payment solutions for their customers. The American Express website offers excellent security features that ensure your personal information is kept safe while you're playing online games at any casino accepting this type of payment method.


Is American Express better than other payment methods?

Some people prefer American Express over other payment methods because of its reputation for being more secure than other forms of payment. If you want to be able to use your card anywhere, then American Express is a good option. Moreover, since American Express cards have no personal information stored on them (see below), they are less likely to be stolen than other types of cards.


Do all casinos accept American Express deposits?

The answer is no, not all casinos accept American Express deposits. In fact, there are only a few online casinos out there that allow players to make deposits using this type of card.


Does American Express have a fast withdrawal option?

American Express has a fast withdrawal option, called ExpressPay. ExpressPay allows you to withdraw cash from your credit card account at certain locations in the United States and around the world. The process is simple: You just hand your card to the cashier, who runs it through their machine, and the money gets added to your total.


Is American Express only available at licensed casinos?

The short answer is no. You can use an American Express card almost anywhere that accepts credit cards, including online casinos such as SlotsMillion. The main issue is that many casinos will not accept Amex as a deposit method, so if you want to play at one you’ll need to fund your account with another payment method first.

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