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PayPal casino Canada has several great advantages over other payment systems, and in our review, we will analyze how it differs and why many Canadian gamblers choose it. Money is one of the most significant influences in our lives, and it has been like this since its invention. Over time, money has changed how we live, and it is impressive to see how the world spins around it. So, money has been evolving with us and has changed in many ways for good. These days we are in a phase where it`s changing again and taking a new step into evolution. We have seen it going from coins and bills to cards, and now to electronic services and even electronic money like cryptocurrencies. Every type of version has its king, and among electronic services, PayPal is the chosen one.

If you don`t know yet what PayPal is, don`t worry, you will learn the most important information here. So let`s start by understanding what PayPal is.

For a starter, it`s crucial to comprehend that PayPal is not a bank. It is, in the short term, a secure banking service. So, we can say it is a safe intermediary service between your bank and the service you intend to pay for. You might wonder why you need a service like PayPal if you already have your bank and cards, right?

PayPal has become one of the most commercial, popular, and safe options to use your cards without exposing your information. Think about PayPal as the `middleman`; you want to buy or pay for something but don`t want to risk exposing your information online. So, you pay this middleman the amount you need to pay. This middleman will deliver the goods or services without anything other than your basic information. It is an excellent way to pay for services, shop online, arrange money transactions with your relatives or friends and even play in online casinos that accept PayPal. But how did PayPal become that good and popular?

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History of Paypal

PayPal started as any other idea, from the base. Founded in 1998, Confinity, as it was named before, was a company established by Luke Nosek, Peter Thiel, ad Max Levhchin. The specialization of this company was making hand-held devices secure with software, but that didn`t work out well. With the failure in the security area, they decided to change the business model and focus all their efforts and resources on creating an electronic wallet.

One year later, in 1999, PayPal saw the light, and the first version was released. After one year of PayPal activity, Confinity decided to make an exciting alliance with a company called X.COM. This company focused on online financial services and was founded by one of today`s celebrities, Elon Musk. Musk believed in the future and how technology would overcome any traditional system, and how the business of both companies will be successful.

Musk decided to set everything aside and focus on PayPal and the online banking services they planned. Still, the same month he was preparing to operate this new project, Peter Thiel was named the new CEO and replaced Elon Musk. Later, eBay wanted to put its hands on PayPal and bought it in 2002 by paying with eBay stock for $1.5 billion. From that year until 2014, PayPal partnered with big ones like Mastercard and bought small companies from different fields like security to improve the quality of its services.

In 2014 eBay announced a Spin-Off that would make PayPal a separate and public company. Once the separation succeeded, eBay announced its terms with PayPal would end in 2020. To understand better how big PayPal was, just in the third quarter of 2020, it reported around 360 million active users in at least 200 countries.

Online Casinos That Accept Paypal in Canada

When speaking about casinos, the chances of finding what we are looking for are high because, these days, there are casinos everywhere. When analyzing the options, you must consider many things before choosing, and the payment method is one of those things. But why should you choose PayPal instead of a debit or a credit card? Unfortunately, there is no easy answer; all the payment methods are suitable, and every single one is better than the other options depending on the circumstances. But analyzing PayPal`s benefits will let you understand why a PayPal casino Canada is so popular.

As stated before, PayPal is an intermediary, a `middleman,` so this is a big start. When you plan to deposit or withdraw money from your account, it is through PayPal, without any direct connection with your bank account and details. It is secure because if PayPal has done something well to protect its clients, remember that it started as a security software company. Nobody likes fees, and you shouldn`t worry about that with PayPal casinos. Besides, they have excellent flexibility and a phone app that lets you monitor your account in real time.

Paypal Сasino Canada Bonuses

One of the main attractive options from an online casino PayPal is bonuses. Every single online casino offers a bonus, and it can be different for many circumstances; however, it is possible to split the bonuses by: 

  • Casino bonuses (Every casino will provide you with other options)
  • Types of bonuses

In general, we could say casinos have the same bonuses. Still, there are differences between terms and rewards. Here, things turn out interesting because you will have to analyze them to choose the PayPal casinos that give you more.

Going back to the general terms of bonuses, we can find:

  • Match deposits.- This bonus will duplicate the deposit you make by a certain amount (%). I.e., If you deposit $100 and the bonus is 100%, you`ll get another $100; this is common and includes online casinos that accept PayPal in Canada.
  • Free Spins.- You get free spins that often are only usable for specific slot games; the amount can vary from Canadian online casinos that accept PayPal to regular online casinos.
  • No deposit.- A no deposit bonus is a certain amount of credits the player gets for free, allowing the player to use it in certain games.
  • Special bonuses. These bonuses are rare among casinos, but PayPal casino Canada can offer special bonuses when using this payment method. They are just temporary offers and are usually good deals.

You shouldn`t forget that all bonuses come with terms and conditions. You must read and understand these conditions to use your bonuses correctly. Often, the terms are not that hard to meet, and PayPal casinos Canada usually have good deals.

Play Paypal Online Casinos for Real Money

PayPal casino Canada could allow you to play for free and with real money. The free version will let you test a few of the best games, so you can understand how it is to play. But playing with real money is the next level and takes the experience far beyond the free version. But why should you choose PayPal, especially online casinos that accept PayPal over another payment method? Because:

  • You already have PayPal, and you have used it for shopping.
  • Because PayPal is a `middleman,` you won`t use your personal private information. Besides, it`s a big company with good quality supported almost everywhere.
  • PayPal casino Canada has good offers and bonuses.

If you don`t qualify for the first point, the other two should be more than enough. Most PayPal players have chosen this method because it is safe and offers great bonuses. So, it`s easier to control how much you deposit and when you withdraw is secure, and you can move your earnings from PayPal to any other card.

How to Make a Deposit Using PayPal at Casinos in Canada

Most users hate this part with some payment methods, but we find PayPal to be one of the most accessible options to top up. This method is not specific to any casino online; it`s more general. Still, it`s the way you can deposit at any casino.

  • A PayPal app will make the process easier because you`ll be able to control your account.
  • Log in and check that your funds match the deposit amount you want to make.
  • Sign in and finish the registration process at your favorite PayPal casino Canada.
  • Go to the store or the place in your online casino where you can make a deposit and select PayPal as a payment method. (Some casinos offer the option to choose the same method for withdrawal, if you can, do it)
  • Enter and confirm that the amount is right based on what you wrote and your PayPal app.
  • Finish the deposit and enjoy your bonuses.

How to Withdraw with Paypal from Casinos in Canada?

The process is similar to the deposit; besides, if you got the option to use the same method for the deposit, everything else should be easier.

  • Go to your account and find the withdrawal option.
  • Check your PayPal account is linked or registered with the correct information.
  • Enter the amount you want to take, and you are ready.

With PayPal, the process takes around 24 hours, which is fast considering other payment options.

PayPal mobile casinos

Even though online casinos are a new gambling era, developers and companies are already thinking about what`s next. The next level, at least for now, is to make it even more portable. So, they are moving online casinos to mobiles. Since PayPal is a mobile service, it has already started supporting online casinos that accept PayPal in Canada.

One of the ideas behind this application is portability. Portability also means quick games and excellent features. So basically, you can play from anywhere and don`t need a computer or even install the software. Having PayPal at your hand, on the same device, will make the transactions handier and more comfortable for everyone. So, the goal to achieve is:

  • A good online casino service
  • An excellent payment method supported by any casino 
  • Portability 
  • Minimalism (no need for other devices)

Disadvantages and Advantages of Paypal


  • No fees (unless you are selling, changing currency, or transferring money abroad);
  • Superb security;
  • Easy access through the phone app;
  • User-interface friendly;
  • Special bonuses only for PayPal payment methods (this includes PayPal online casino).


  • It is not available in many countries;
  • You get to pay fees if you use your credit card;
  • If you run out of funds, you need to recharge using your card;
  • Customer service is not that great;
  • If the service stops working (for any reason), you will have to pay with another payment method.



Is PayPal Payment Method Safe to Play at the Casino?

When it comes down to it, PayPal is a safe way to play at an online casino because they offer extra security measures that protect both you and the casino. For example, if someone tries to chargeback a payment made with a credit card or debit card, they may not only lose their money but also get slapped with fees, which could cost them hundreds of dollars.


Is PayPal better than other payment methods?

PayPal is the best payment method, but only if you use it properly. PayPal is one of the most popular online payment methods and for good reason. It’s easy to set up, offers a variety of convenient payment options, and comes with a number of security features that make it an excellent choice for both buyers and sellers.


Do all casinos accept PayPal deposits?

No, all casinos do not accept PayPal deposits. The reason for this is that PayPal has strict rules when it comes to gambling. PayPal has a policy where they will not allow their clients to use their platform to make payments or cash out winnings related to gambling activities. This means that you can't deposit your winnings from an online casino into your PayPal account and then withdraw them.


Does PayPal have a fast withdrawal option?

PayPal has a fast withdrawal option, but it's unavailable to all users. For example, if you have a Premier or Business account, you can request a withdrawal within 24 hours of receiving funds. Otherwise, your money will be available to withdraw after three business days.


Is PayPal only available at licensed casinos?

Yes, PayPal is only available at licensed casinos. This is because it is a regulated payment method and it requires the casino to be licensed. The reason why you can trust PayPal is that they have an excellent reputation in the industry and they are a well-known brand.

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