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Provider Evolution Gaming
Release 10.06.2020
RTP 95.5%
Variance N/A
Max Win N/A
Min bet (Max bet) $, €, £ N/A
Layout NA
Game type Classic Slots
Paylines N/A
Multiplier, Bonus Game
Theme N/A
Technology JS, HTML5
Last Update 26.10.2021

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Crazy Time Slot Review

Crazy Time is an online slots game that was developed in Canada by Global Virtual Solutions. The company behind this game is located in Canada and is led by Brad Callen. The company has been in business since 2021. The owner of Crazy Time, Brad Callen, got his start as a waiter in a restaurant. He ended up getting in touch with several online gaming companies and got them to license his Crazy Time slot machine design.

The base of the bonus game is the Crazy Time Wheel. The host is in charge of initiating each new round by spinning the Crazy Time Wheel.. Each spin of the wheel results in either a number a letter, a color, a line, a circle, a bumper, a coin, or any combination thereof. After all of these are used up, the game ends and the player gets the time limit which is indicated on the screen. At the end of any round, the points earned are added up and a new round begins.

There are many ways to play crazy time bonus games. A person can play for the fun of it and win prizes as they go along. Some people take it so seriously that they play in tournaments. These tournaments usually require players to enter them with as much money as they can afford to lose. Winning in such tournaments can be very lucrative.

One method of playing Crazy Time involves the use of a 'multiplier'. When you enter a round, you bet a certain amount of your cash that you would like to win. If you then use a Crazy Time Bonus Round Multiplier, you can boost the amount of money you would need to bet in order to win that particular round.

There are a number of different Multipliers used to accomplish this. The first type is a 'cash hunt' Multiplier. A cash hunt bonus round is used in addition to a normal Crazy Time bonus round to try and get all of the cash that is available. You do not actually have to win the whole thing; just reach a certain amount of money before time runs out. With some luck and skill, you could reach the goal without having to use up your entire Crazy Time bonus amount.

There are a number of ways to earn a cash hunt Multiplier, including entering the draw for prizes. If you have mastered the right strategies for entering the draws for prizes, then you should be able to earn a lot more money than you would by just using the normal Crazy Time bonus rounds. So we decided to put together a review of a specific multi-player game that uses the 'flip' feature in addition to the 'pot game play in order to earn a lot of extra money.

This review is focused on the multi-player game called Crazy Time Cash Hunt. The game has many different objectives that will require players to use various multipliers to complete them. In addition, there are also a few objects within the game world that will rotate, one at a time, and will result in a different set of prizes being turned up on the screen. A great deal of this game's multi-level structure is centered around using certain multipliers in order to accomplish specific goals or objectives within the game. In fact, the game does include a leaderboard that ranks the highest players throughout each level of play.

The goal of Crazy Time Cash Hunt is to become the first person to earn a set amount of money during a specific time period. During your time playing the game, you will collect a regular pot of coins that you can spend on purchasing items from a store. You can also earn coins by winning flip segments, which are designed in the same manner as the regular pots of coins but are awarded in a bonus round after you have won an appropriate number of coins during the regular coin flip segments. These bonus round prizes can turn out to be extremely lucrative, making this game not only a very popular download but also one that can produce some serious cash.

Crazy Time FAQ

faq-question ❓What is Crazy Time Return to Player (RTP)?❓

Crazy Time is the name of the bonus game in this game. This game has an average RTP of 95.87%. This means that for every 1.00 that you spend in this game, you'll receive 95.87% back in free play.

faq-question ❓Does Crazy Time have a Free Spins feature?❓

Yes. The game has free spins. How do you spin the reels? After you complete a win, you'll be sent to a screen that will allow you to choose whether to play the game with real money or play the free spins. What are the free spins symbols? These are stacked rings, a bell, a lucky cat, a lucky seven and a lucky lobsters claw.

faq-question ❓What is the biggest possible win in Crazy Time?❓

The biggest coin win that is available in this game is 500.000 coins. Is there a guarantee that you will win this much? No, there is no guarantee that you will win this much, you have a chance of winning up to 500.000 coins.

faq-question ❓How volatile is Crazy Time?❓

Crazy Time is not very volatile, as it comes with a absence of progressive features. What do you think of the slot design and game animations? The slot design and quality of the games animations are average, however they don't distract from the casino experience.

faq-question ❓How many winning ways are available in this game?❓

You have a first deposit bonus, a cashback bonus and a free spins bonus. What is the first deposit bonus? You'll get a 50 Free Spins bonus when you make your first deposit.