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Updated 26.10.2021

History of Craps Online

Craps game is one of the first games of chance on earth. The oldest pyramid-shaped bones were found in a Sumerian tomb dating back to 3000 BC. Craps were played in India and China, Lydia and Egypt, Greece and Rome. Bones similar to modern ones have been found in Egypt and China (2000 BC and 600 BC). Craps are mentioned in the most ancient literary monuments – 'Mahabharata' and 'Rigveda.' Today you can play craps online in different casinos around the world. And we will tell you about this game and its features.

The history of craps is very interesting and varied. In ancient Greece, craps were played in gambling houses, and in ancient Rome, the game was allowed only during the Saturnalia holiday. The rest of the time, it was banned. Bones were used not only for playing but also for divination and making decisions 'according to God's will.' There are many references to the casting of lots in the Bible.

European peoples learned to play craps thanks to the Roman conquerors. But since the bones were also used for divination, the church came strongly against it. The crusaders renewed interest in the game. Excitement and passion for the game led many to ruin: people were deprived of all their property, and sometimes they lost their freedom and went into slavery to the winner.

Therefore, decrees and laws began to appear in different countries prohibiting gambling, but this did not help much. In France, for example, along with forbidding decrees, there were decrees against cheating in the game, and, in addition, there were workshops for the production of craps. In the East, craps have always been very popular among all population segments. Now there are over a hundred variants of the game of craps, not counting games where the craps are used only as a random number generator. Consider the basic principles and some options for the rules.

Best Game for Play Craps Online

Today, you can play online craps free in many casinos. It is enough to choose a high-quality platform offering the best conditions. As a rule, you can find dozens of craps slots in the gaming lobby. Almost all well-known software developers have one or more variants of such slots in their gaming portfolio. We can recommend Microgaming, Yggdrasil, and BetSoft slots for this. Also, it is important to know about some variations of such games.

If only one die is used, the probability of getting any value is the same and is 1/6. In the case of two craps, the probability of getting a given amount is already unevenly distributed. In such games, everything depends on the roll of the craps, and tactical actions are completely excluded. Nevertheless, excitement fuels interest, and in good company, these games will brighten up your leisure time.

Chips are laid out on the table – ten for each participant. The game uses six craps. Participants take turns throwing the craps, subtracting the sum of odd values from the even values. If the result is positive, the players take the resulting number of chips – if negative, they put the required number of his chips on the table. The game ends when all the chips from the table are distributed among the players, and the participant with the most chips wins.

Seven to the power. Each player requires 21 chips, and the game is played with two craps. Participants take turns throwing the craps. If the sum of the rolled craps is seven, the player takes seven chips from the table – if the sum is more or less than seven, then the number of chips corresponding to the difference should be placed on the table. The game is played in a circle until someone loses all the chips.

Barbut. A game for two players with two craps. The first player rolls: winning combinations – 6-6, 5-6, 5-5, 4-4, losing combinations – 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-3. If another combination falls out, the turn passes to the opponent. The game is played until a good or bad combination is obtained. In this game, both opponents' chances of winning are the same.

Craps Online Rules

In the game of craps, the random factor comes to the fore. In most games, you can increase your chances by knowing the probabilities of getting the desired values and combinations on the craps. Only a few games have tactical options.

There are two varieties of the game – Privat Craps is played at home, and Bank Craps (or Casino Craps) is played in casinos worldwide. Online versions of this game exist in various online casinos.

  • Buck Craps (the game uses three craps, and the number of players is unlimited).
  • Hi Craps (two craps are used, pair game).
  • Craps bank (pair game with three craps).
  • Bluff (five craps are used, and the game is similar to poker).
  • Over-under (unlimited number of players, two craps).
  • Game of 13 (two craps, any number of players).
  • Craps (two craps, unlimited number of players).
  • Martinetti or Ohio (three craps, unlimited number of players).
  • Sea craps (five craps, any number of players).
  • Poker on craps (five craps with an unusual 'card' marking of faces are used – queen, jack, king, etc., the number of players is unlimited).
  • Pig (game with one bone and any number of players).
  • Aces (unlimited number of players, five craps).
  • Four craps (pair game with four craps).
  • Thousand (5 bones, but points are given only for 1 and 5, the rest either get points or create combinations).
  • Chicago (two craps are used, and the number of players is unlimited).

To pay for bets, chips without a face value, called color, are used. Their cost is set at the client's request but cannot be lower or higher than the table limit. The color of the chips is different for the players, which excludes errors on the dealer's part when paying out winnings. You can exchange tokens for cash (chips with a cash value).

Game progress

A visitor to the casino can enter the game at any time, but the rolls are performed in turn. The right to throw each con is transferred counter-clockwise. The thrower is called the shooter. In the first round, they must make one of the mandatory bets on the outcome of the round on the Pass or Don't Pass line. The rest of the participants can bet on the lines or skip the round – no mandatory requirements exist.

The shooter is offered five pairs of craps. It is necessary to choose one – the rest are removed from the glass and are not used in the current horse. Having chosen the craps, they roll them so that the craps hit the backside. When throwing does not work correctly, you can use one more attempt. If the sum of the dropped numbers is 2, 3, or 12, then the chips on the pass lose.

Participants who made bets on a no-pass win on a roll of 3 or 12, lose on a 7 or 11, and remain on their own with 2 points. In all of the above cases, the round ends, and a new one begins. The remaining amounts allow you to continue playing in the second stage – the dealer turns the Pucks button upside down with the inscription ON. The second round allows you to bet on other outcomes of the game.

Rolling a seven is significant. Pass bets win with seven points on the first roll. The rest are losing. With a seven in the next stage, Pass is inferior, and Don't Pass wins. The second round can consist of several rolls and ends only after a roll of seven. If the seven did not fall out in the first round, then to win after the following throws, you must:

  • Pass – roll the craps before rolling seven so that the same amount falls as on the first roll.
  • Don't Pass – Roll a seven until you get the same amount as in the first round.

After seven rolls, the dealer announces Seven out! Party Over means the end of the party, and the next participant becomes the shooter.

How to Bet at Craps Online

You will need to register with an online casino site to start playing craps online. As a rule, the registration procedure takes up to a few minutes. Moreover, new customers can play craps online free in demo mode. In this case, you get the opportunity to bet in virtual currency. This allows you to try out some strategies without the risk of losing real money.

For example, one of the most popular options is the 'Don't Pass' betting system. Players need to bet on 'Don't pass' 20 times in a row for this strategy to work. At the same time, if the bet loses, the next one must be doubled, and after winning, the bet amount must be reduced.

Since 'Don't pass' pays out the winnings 1 to 1, after 20 draws in the game of craps, the player will receive a considerable sum, or at least come out without loss if, for some reason, luck turns away from the player. However, in general, this strategy brings a lot of money. The main thing in this strategy is to correctly distribute your bankroll so that the player's budget is enough for 20 games with subsequent promotions.

Another strategy you can try while playing craps free online is 'Iron Cross.' The player must place a $1 bet on the Pass Line in the online casino and an identical bet on the Come. These two bets are independent, so you can win two and get $4. If the 'Pass Line' bet fails and the 'Come' wins, the players will break even, neither win nor lose. Well, the last option is if both bets fail, the player will lose two dollars. The chances of success here are great.

How to Win at Craps

The right choice of strategy is only one component of success. There are other important points that you should keep in mind. Yes, free online craps are simple and interesting entertainment, but modern casinos allow you to experience the maximum excitement with playing for real money. In this case, you need to concentrate and follow some rules that will help reduce the risks.

  • Remember the most effective strategies and practice before playing for real money.
  • Never go over budget.
  • Play sober and in a good mood – so you can control the process and get the most out of it.
  • Learn to say: 'Enough.' Don't chase your luck if today is not your day. It is better to leave gambling for another moment when Fortune is on your side.

It remains to move from theory to practice and begin your path to success. Many modern casinos offer you to play craps online with maximum comfort. Choose the best platform and place your first bet. Perhaps luck will smile at you today.

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